Bird Watching

Bird Watching

Bird Watching in Acadia National Park

Mount Desert Island is home to an amazing diversity of birds. The National Park lists 326 species of birds that have been seen here as residents, transient visitors or rare visitors.

The Seawall Motel is located at a unique place. A few thousand years ago the Atlantic piled up rocks on the south side of the island. This dammed up a creek that drains the Island, and created what is now known as the Seawall Pond. It is one of a very few places on earth where fresh water naturally exists right next to salt water, with no brackish water in between. The integrity of the pond was maintained when in the 1920’s the road was built across the seawall. A culvert, to drain the pond under the road was installed above the ocean level, so the fresh water accumulates, and drains down into the pond. You can see fresh water birds, marsh birds, woodland birds and ocean birds at any given time. With a little luck you will see a bald eagle soar overhead and scare the heck out of the crows, red-winged black birds and gulls!

There are several bird watching programs run by the Park each week. You can see the Parks photographic information for Acadia on line at

The Acadia Birding Festival is an annual birding event in May/June, featuring numerous field trips, pelagic seabird trip, canoe trips, workshops, social gatherings, and presentations by celebrity birders.  Experience the birding wonders of Maine, from boreal to ocean – warblers, puffins, and more by attending this festival.  It is a four day event, Thursday – Sunday (starting just after Memorial Day).  To learn more about this special birding event on Mount Desert Island, visit

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