Walking, Hiking & Mountain Climbing

Walking, Hiking & Mountain Climbing

Hiking on Mt. Desert Island

There are more than 100 miles of trails in the National Park. They vary from a 1 mile easy walk to the shore to a 1,000 foot nearly straight up rock climb, with iron rungs to help you up the sheer cliffs. There are walks to the top of many of the mountain tops. Cadillac has four trails to the top, and one of them isn’t hard or long!

There are many trails on both sides of the island. Four good easy ones, (one through the woods and three along different types of coast lines) are within three miles of the Seawall Motel. A dozen or more are on this side of the island.

Our mountains aren’t very high, but they offer spectacular views that make the climb to the top worth it. From the top of Cadillac you can look at the horizon along the Atlantic Ocean and see the curve of the earth! Other vistas show you the blue of the sky, the blue of the ocean, and the blue of the fresh water. Add the greens of the hardwoods and of the evergreens, and the browns and grays of the rock faces and you have a great reason to go for an enjoyable hike!

We have done many of the trails, and can guide you to (or away from) the ladder trails and sheer drop offs, the flat easy ones or the challenging climbing ones. They all are pretty and peaceful. Pack a lunch (or get sandwiches in town) and enjoy the day!

You can see the Parks hiking information on line at http://www.nps.gov/acad/planyourvisit/hiking.htm

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