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The image at the top when Previewing this training article is the Featured Image. (This is a Paragraph type size) Here is where you begin writing your text for the Journal Article. There are a few formatting tools available in the Post Editor. Be sure to include a “Featured Image” which you enter at the bottom right. But also, feel free to enter images in between the text, in smaller formats, or full width on the page. Use the “Add Media” button to begin adding an image, or a link to a PDF document. If you want to add a link, use the Insert/Edit LInk button. The Visual tab shows you roughly the appearance, and the Text editor shows you the raw ASCII text and scripting. If you want a little training on how to apply fancier formatting, we can do that on the phone some time, but all the tools are there if you experiment. You can just save the article as a Draft, and no one will see it yet.┬áTo format the post with the page builder, click Use The Divi Builder, but the easy way is to start here without the builder.

Beautiful Day! (this is Heading 3)

Here is content advice. Write about the very things people are searching for when thinking about vacationing at Acadia and MDI.